Some of my favorite CDs and Artists

  Ron Block is an expression of Christ with a banjo pick in his hand and a message of Grace rising up like a flood out of his heart. His music is pure trust in God etched on a music staff.
His songs on both his solo album Faraway Land and on Alison Krauss and Union Station's albums breathe the breath of God into our hearts with every word.
  Alison Krauss and Union Station is a grammy award winning group who's bluegrass music is absolutely irresistable. Their albums are laced with uplifting Christian songs amidst some of the sweetest sounding secular music one can find.
If you ever get the opportunity to see them in concert don't hesitate! You will find that their muisic live sounds as good or better than it does on their CDs. Because when they perform live they put a greater amount of energy into their songs.
  Marty Goetz has an amazing ability, he can take a scripture and bring it to life in song. He wraps the glory of our relationship with the Lord in lyrics and melodies that will bless your socks off.
As a Jewish believer in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) Marty brings a unique heritage to his music. He is one artist that I truly enjoy.
  Steve Green has been a blessing to the Body of Christ for decades. His voice and the integrity of his heart testify to the glory of God.
Steve's sons vary from high praise and soft worship to upbeat contemporary songs that speak of commitment to spouse and family. Seeing him in concert is really a blessing.
  Ken Copeland is a living expression of faith in Jesus and in the promises of God. His songs will pull into a spirit of faith and love of God.
His "Healing praise CD" never fails to lift me out of depression or sorrow. It re-sets my focus on God and who He is, and what He has already accomplished for me.
  Mike Adkins has a soft mellow voice. His sweet songs of worship and praise are very upbeat and communicate a peace and resting in God.
Mike's gentle heart for God comes through in his songs. If you enjoy sweetly worshipping God, Mike's music will surely bless you.
  Michael Card is a prolific artist. His many albums are full of some of the best that today's Christian artists have to offer.
If you buy only one new CD this year make it "Joy In The Journey" which has some of his best songs.
  Phil Driscoll is on fire for God. His music litterally BLASTS away the darkness. His amazing tallent with the trumpet makes for some of the best music I have ever enjoyed.
"I exalt Thee" remains one of my favorite CDs more than 2 decades after I first heard it.

Some of my favorite things.