Dan Sharpe's Bible Studies.

You and God's Spiritual Laws

Let's consider the things concerning God's spiritual laws.
Now we need to start at the very beginning, "US". Each one of us
needs to understand our position in relationship to the things
of God and the spiritual world.
Two things just keeping popping up. One is a word and the
other a phrase. Let's take the word in the way it is usually used.
"I am so unworthy!" Now meekness is one thing but the denial of
one's position is something quite different. If we could put a
TENSE in our voice or in the hearing of others when we talk like
that it would be great. BEFORE being saved we are indeed unworthy.
AFTER being save, however, we are Sons of God and joint heirs with
Jesus. Our new position MAKES us worthy. Secondly, the idea that
God is going to reward someone who is not consistent with
Scripture. And that is exactly what old Satan wants because he
knows what the answer is. And he also knows you won't come to God
because of this. This way you bind God's hands in trying to help
I was very very unworthy of God's grace shown me in Christ
Jesus. There can be NO DOUBT OF THIS. But after meeting and
accepting Jesus to say I am still unworthy is something else. For
if I am, what did Christ do for me? Oh, He took my sins away.
He caused me to become a New Creature. He caused me to be born
into the Family of God. He made me a Child of the King. And I
could go on and on with the blessings that have came. The question
is where does the word unworthy fit in all of this, in a present
tense? Surely, a child of the King or joint heir with Jesus CANNOT
be unworthy! He surely was before salvation but THIS WORD HAS NO
PLACE in his life now. Yes one can praise God for His attention
and grace when we were lost but that was before our experience with
Jesus. There is a reason for why satan fights so hard to keep us
thinking that we are unworthy; For what can one who is not worthy
receive from God, except forgiveness and the New Birth. Both of
which change our status with Him from unworthy to worthy. That is
the very reason for Jesus, to restore our position with God. Yes,
it is not us but Him we say. Let me ask; did He become a Child of
God? Was He born into the Family of God? Did He become a Joint
So it is not correct to call ourselves as born again
Christians, unworthy. As sinners we were,but now we are not, we
have inherited a new position with God.
You might say this is just semantics. Well let me ask you this-
- Can one who is unworthy approach the Throne of God for anything
other than forgiveness? The Word says we are to approach it
boldly! This is so that we might find mercy and grace in OUR
TIME OF NEED. We don't always do this for we are tricked into
believing we are NOT WORTHY to do this by satan.

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