This is which lies outside the prerogrative of the
privite individual: this assuming such authority over others
as we would not allow them to exercise over us, since our
rule is to be:

"subject one to another and be clothed
with humility......" I Pet 5:5

We are required to by the scriptures to judge of
things, and persons too, as we meet them in the sphere of
OUR duty. But to judge what lies OUTSIDE of our path and
providence is forbidden

"Study to be quiet and do your own
business....." I Thess 4:11

This can be said quite simply, we are not to go outside of
our legitimate sphere, which is to take upon ourselfs judge-
ments outside of our path and providence.


This that judgement that takes place based upon any
of the following, "suspicions", "unconfirmed rumors", and
"motivies" of others.

"Who art thou that judgest another
man's servant ? to his own master he
standeth or falleth." Rom 14:4

To judge a bothers motives presumptuously is in the same
league as satan, the accusor, when he presumptuously judged
Job's future actions if God would remove the protective
hedge from around him and allow him to touch Job.

"....touch all that he hath, and
he will curse Thee to Thy face."
Job 1:11


This form of judgement is layed before us in a few
short verses after the command "Judge not that ye not be judged"
It is directed at those who are quick to detect minor faults in
their brethern while blind or unconcerned about graver sins on
thier own part. Such twofacedness is most reprehensible in the
sight of God and to all right-minded people too. Paul expounded

"Therefore you are inexcusable O man,
whosoever thou art that judgest: for
wherein thou judgest another, thou
commemnest thyself, for thou that
judgest doest the same things."
Rom 2:1

The example given of Samuel's and David's encounter bears this
out far to truthly. II Sam 12:1--11


The command is given over clearly in John 7:24;

"Judge not according to appearance, but
judge righteous judgement."

Can an righteous judgement be made on ungrounded reports or
rumors ? God in judging man on many occasions came down to
"SEE" before he passed judgement. The examples of the "Tower
of Bable" and that of "Sodom and Gomorrah" attest to this.
So we in our judgment must make an full investigation and
obtain clear proof of the report which we have heard to be
true before passing sentance in our minds on the offender.


In God's Word certian things are to be commended,
certian things are to be condmned. Yet still there is another
area or class which the Scripture passes no verdict. To cond-
mne someone on or for useing such things is to be "righteous
over much" (Eccles 7:16). The offences of the saints at Rome
very much as the above brought reprove from Paul. These were
over eating meat. Rom 14:13--23.


How often do we look at those traits or actions in
others, fixing our attention only on those things which we
know to be unfavourable and ignoring all those which are favor-
able ? It is the lack of FACTS that has produced many unfair
and cruel judgements to be passed down by the most well mean-
ing. It is equally unjust to censure one who has SINCERELY
done his or her best, simply because it falls short of what we
THINK and what SATISFIES US. Much of the unjust judgement comes
from two areas namely those of bitterness, revenge, and the
disire to do mischief.


We are not to go so far on one hand to allow things
which are not right to go unnoticed. We are to apply the law of
charity (love) so as to be constructive in our judgements of
others. We are not to go about with our eyes closed to sin, nor
wink at it when we see it, yet it is equally wrong to hunt for
something to condemn. We are so prone to err in areas of that
seem gray in nature. Here there is real danger of calling light
darkness. It is an area where great caution and prayer should be
excerised. We are not to make a man an offender for a word or
harbour suspicions where there is NO evidence. Many have done
satan's work out of personal jealousy and ill will in this area,
with out the slightest sign of mercy. Our efforts are to be
REDEMPTIVE in nature savoured with love and mercy !!

Acknowledgement and thanks to A. Pink author

of "An exposition of the Sermon on the Mount

Pages 260--274"

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