Recorded Events                           Place                Where

Born in Ur of Chaldees, near the        Ur of the           Gen 11:27,28
Euphrates. The son of Terah.             Chaldees

Married Saria (later called Sarah).         Ur              Gen 11:29

Divinely called to leave his native         Ur              Gen 12:1
land, not knowing where he was to go
(Ref Heb. 11:8).

Granted the right to be a father to a     Haran             Gen 12:2,3
great nation and an ancestor of the

Left Haran at the age of 75.              Haran             Gen 12:5

Came to Sichem in the land of Cannan.     Shechem           Gen 12:6,7

Came to Bethel.                           Bethel            Gen 12:8

A famine came, he chose to go to          Egypt             Gen 12:10-13

Sarai taken into the Pharaoh's house      Egypt             Gen 12:14-17
under the lie that she was Abraham's

Abraham reproved by the Pharaoh and       Egypt             Gen 12:18-20
sent out of the country.

Left Egypt a rich man.                    Bethel            Gen 13:1---5

Lot selects the Jordan valley.            Jordan Plain      Gen 13:6--13

The Lord gives to Abraham and his seed    Hebron            Gen 13:14-18
the whole land. He then moves to Hebron
where he builds an altar to the Lord.

A war breaks between the Kings. Lot is    Dan, Hob,         Gen 14:
taken. Abraham rescues Lot and restores     Sodom
him to his property.

Meets Melchizedek, king of Salem.         The King's        Gen 14:17-20

His  an fortells of the exile in Egypt.

The birth of Ishmael, son of Hagar,                         Gen 16
the maid of Sarai.

The covenant made with Abraham and the      Mamre           Gen 17:1--14
seal of the covenant given (circumcision)
given. Abraham was 90 years old. Also he
had his name changed from Abram to Abraham

Isaac promised, the heir to the covenant    Mamre           Gen 17:15-22

The visit of three strangers and the        Mamre           Gen 18:1--16
promise of a son to Abraham and Sarah.

Abraham's prayer for Sodom and Gomor-       Mamre           Gen 18:23-33

Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah                           Gen 19:15-30
and the escape of Lot to Zoar.

Sarah represented to Abimelech as           Gerar           Gen 20
Abraham sister.

Birth of Isaac. Abraham is 100 years                        Gen 21:1---8
old. (Ref Heb 11:11)

Hagar and Ishmael cast out.                                  Gen 21:9--21

Abraham's covenant with Abimelech.          Beer-sheba      Gen 22:15-19

Abraham's test of faith. That he offer      Moriah          Gen 22:1--14
Isaac as a sacrifice. (Ref Heb 11:17-19)
Also ref to God's plan of giving Jesus.

God renews His covenant and Abraham         Beer-sheba      Gen 22:15-19
returns to Beer-sheba.

Death of Sarah. She is buried at            Hebron          Gen 23:1--20

Rebekah, the sister of Laban, is taken as   Mesopotamia     Gen 24:
a wife for Isaaac, from Mesopotamia.

Abraham marries Keturah who gave him six    Hebron          Gen 25:1---6

Abraham dies at the age of 175, and is      Hebron          Gen 25:7--10
buried by Isaac and Ishmael beside Sarah
in the cave at Machpelah.

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