Events                              Place             Where Recorded

Birth of Jacob and Esau, sons of        Beer-sheba        Gen 25:22-26
Isaac and Rebekah

Jacob the favorite of his mother        Beer-sheba        Gen 25:27-28
Esau the favorite of his father

Jacob purchases the birthright          Beer-sheba        Gen 25:29-34
from Esau

Jacob steals Esau blessing              Beer-sheba        Gen 27:1--29

Jacob goes to Padanaram to find         Beer-sheba        Gen 28:1---7
a wife.

Jacob spends a night at Bethel where    Bethel            Gen 28:10-15
he has a vision of the ladder and the
angels and the promise given Abraham
is renewed by the Lord

Jacob builds a memorial and makes a     Bethel            Gen 28:16-22
vow to the Lord.

He goes to Padan-aram, to the house     Padan-arm         Gen 29:1--20
of Laban, and stipulates to serve
Laban for seven years to make his
daughter Rachel his wife

Laban tricks him and requires him to    Padan-aram        Gen 29:21-30
marry Leah and requires another seven
years service for him to marry Rachel

Eleven son's are born to Jacob by his    """   """        Gen 29:31-
two wives and their maids. The sons of                        30:24
Leah: Reuben,Simeon,Levi,Judah,Issachar
and Zebulun. Sons of Zilpah,Leah's
maid: Gad,Asher,. Sons of Rachel:
Joseph. Sons of Bilhah, Rachel's
maid Dan,Naphtali.

Jacob by cunning gains an advantage     Padan-aram        Gen 30:25-43;
and loses favor with Laban                                    31:1---2

The Lord direct Jacob to return         Padan-aram        Gen 31:3--21
to Canaan.

Laban pursues and overtook Jacob        Mt. Gilead        Gen 31:22-55
and the Mizpah covenant was made
between them

He spends the night alone and           Peniel            Gen 32
wrestling with angel. His name is
changed to Israel. His life changes

The affectionate meeting of Jacob       Schecham          Gen 33
and Essau. Jacob settles down in

An incident regarding Jacob's           """  """          Gen 34
daughter. The slaying of Hamor and
his family by Jacob's sons

Jacob directed by the Lord to move      Bethel            Gen 35:1--15
to Bethel

Leaving Bethel, Rachel dies giving      Ephrath           Gen 35:16-20
birth to Benjamin,the 12th son and
was buried near Bethlehem

He comes to Beer-sheba and he and       Beer-sheba        Gen 35:21-29
Esau bury Issac

Jacobs special love for Joseph.         Beer-sheba        Gen 37:1--11
Joseph's dreams cause problems
between him and his brothers

Joshep's brother sells him to the       Dothan            Gen 37:12-35
Midianites on thier way to Egypt

A famine in the land compelled Jacob    Beer-sheba        Gen 42----45
to send his son's to Egypt

Jacob and seventy people settle in      Goshen            Gen 46:1----
Goshen. After 17 years Jacob dies                             50:13
and is carried to and buried in the
cave of Machpelah

Author Unknown