Event                                   Place             Where Recorded

Jacob's eleventh son by his             Padan-aram        Gen 30:22-24
favorite wife Rachel

Joseph was the most loved by            Beer-sheba        Gen 37:1---4
Jacob. Jacob made him a coat
of many colors which caused
his brothers to hate Joseph

He dreams of future positions           Beer-sheba        Gen 37:5--11
caused his brothers to hate
him more

Judah proposed that they would          Dotham            Gen 37:12-36
sell him to the Midianites,who
were on thier way to Egypt. The
Midianites in turn sold him to
Potipher,the Pharaoh's officer

Joseph good work won Potiphar's         Eygpt House of    Gen 39:1---6
favor, who made him overseer of         Potiphar
the house

Failing to entice Joseph to sin         Eygpt, In Prison  Gen 39:7--23
with her, Potipher wife makes a
false charge againist him and he
was confined to prison

He interpreted the dreams of two        Eygpt, In Prison  Gen 40
of the prisioners, the king's
bulter and baker

Two years later, the Pharaoh had        Court of the      Gen 41:1--36
two dreams that troubled him.           Pharaoh
Joseph interprets them

Parahaoh makes Joseph his prime         """      """      Gen 41:37-57
minister. He acts very wisely

The famine in Palestine forces          Court of the      Gen 42:
Jacob to send Joseph's brother's        Pharoh
to Egypt to by Corn

He required them to return with         Egypt             Gen 43----45
Benjamin. He reveales himself to
his brothers.

Jacob and his people are placed by      Egypt & Goshen    Gen 46:1----
Joseph in Goshen. Where Jacob gives                           50:13
a prophetic statement of the tribes
and dies. Joseph and His brothers
bury him in the cave at Machpelah
in Hebron

After Jacob's death, Joseph lives       Egypt             Gen 50:14-26
with his brothers untill he dies
at the age of 110 years

Many Bible scholars contrast the circumstances of Joseph's life to
that of Christ's. He was sold by his own people into slavery. He
was cast into prison to his humiliation. According to his statement
one prisoner was greatly favored, the other suffered death. On the
cross Jesus spoke one malefactor into paradise; the other died in
his sins. Joseph rose from humiliation to exaltation; From His humility
and death and the grave Jesus rose in the glory of His resurrection.

Author Unknown