"A prophet and leader who the Lord knew face to face."

Events                                  Place           Where Recorded

Moses was born at at time when          Egypt           Exodus 1:
the Egyptians were killing all
of the Hebrew male childern

Moses was placed in a basket and        Egypt           Exodus 2:1--10
set adrift in the Nile River. He
was found by the king's daughter,
adopted by her, care for by his
own mother, and grew up and was
educated in the court of Egypt

He got himself in trouble by slewing    Egypt           Exodus 2:11-14
an Egyptian who was strikeing one of
the Hebrew people

He was forced to flee to Midian,        Midian          Exodus 2:15-25
where he worked for Jetho, a
Midian priest, whose daughter he

God commissions him, at the burning     Midian          Exodus 3:1--21
bush, to lead his people out of                                4:1--17
Egypt. His brother Aaron is to be his

Moses assembled the elders of Israel.   Egypt           Exodus 4:18--
He appeales to the Pharaoh, who                                13:22
refuses to let hem go. Ten plagues
are sent upon the Egyptians. The
feast of the Passover is instituted
and the people leave Egypt.

The people are pursued bt the Eygpt-    Red Sea         Exodus 14:1--
ians, cross the Red Sea on dry land.                           15:19
The song of Moses

Moses brings the people to the Sinai    Sinai           Exodus 15:20--
Manna is provided                                              18:27

They remain at Sinai for about on year  Sinai           Exdous 19

Moses receives the Ten Commandments     Mt Sinai        Exdous 20:--40
and much of the Law

More on the Law and God's dealing with  Sinai           Lev 1:----27
the Levites and the Priests

Leaving Sinai, they come to Kadesh      Kadesh          Nu 10:11--14:45
Spies are sent into Canaan. The people
due to unbelief will not enter into
the land and are doomed to wander for
40 years. Only Joshua and Caleb are
allowed to enter the Promised Land

Moses leads the nation of Israel for    Wilderness      Nu 15:----16
40 years and at the end brings them
to the plains of Moab

Israel's last encampment in the plains  Plains of Moab  De 1.1--30:20
of Moab. During these last weeks Moses
deliveres his last address set forth
in the Book of Deuteronomy.

The last acts of Moses. His charge to   Plains of Moab  De 31:--33
Joshua, his last instructions, his
last song

On Nebo, Moses views the Land of        Plains of Moab  De 34:
Promise. He dies at the age of          Nebo
120 and was buried in the land
of Moab

Author Unknown