The Bridegroom.

The bridegroom stands to ready to meet his bride,
at long last all his years of love will no longer be denied.

How he has longed to have her by His side,
she has made herself ready, and His heart swells with pride.

She has finally chosen him with all her heart,
and at long last today they shall be bound and never part.

He smiles at the sight of her, his cherished one,
as she yearns to hear the call of God's only son.

The shofar sounds a note so clear and loud,
she looks up to see him coming in the clouds.

At long last the years of tears and lonliness,
are swallowed up in this moment of joy and happiness.

The bridegroom reaches out his nail scared hand,
she can see that it holds a golden wedding band.

Copyright 5/7/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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