When two hearts dance - Copyright (C) 5/14/2006 by Dan Sharpe.

She is the calm after a fresh spring rain,
she is the sun whispering through the clouds,
to caress the soft green grass,
and gently kiss the budding roses.

She smiles with the warmth of a summer day,
her eyes shine with the glow of a harvest moon,
her hair falls, gently, like the first flakes of snow,
to cover her rosey cheek like the hue of a spring sunset.

She dances with glee in the warmth of the sun,
and calls out to me, "the party's begun".
She takes me by the hand, to teach me to dance,
and my heart is captured by her promising glance.

As we sit by the stream, in peace so serene,
she sits in my arms, and back she does lean,
we rest in love, gentle, like a peaceful dove,
and watch the clouds dancing above.

For love is a dream,
and life is a song,
when you share it, together,
when two hearts dance, forever.

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