A Life Long Rhyme - Copyright 9/6/07 by Dan Sharpe.

If I could have some time, to spend with you.
I'd craft a life long rhyme to live with you.
If I could find the words to reach out to you,
I'd write them in your your heart, our whole life through.

If you could find a way to love me too,
I'd spend my life just loving you,
I'd while away my days in thoughts of you,
and spend my every night in dreams with you.

For life is like a song that's sung by two,
a duet of the heart thats always new,
each day my heart would sing, my love, with you,
one lifelong song of love to God, and you.

And all throughout the years, I'd share with you,
we'd be a symphony of love, we two,
and when my time upon the Earth was through,
I'd spend my life's last breath in song to you.

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