Tapestry - Copyright (C) 4/14/06 - by Dan Sharpe.

I want to weave a tapestry of love throughout your life.
Woven with words, and glances, caresses, and gestures.

Held together with kindness and gentleness.
Strengthened by peace and thoughtfulness.

I want you to lay back in total trust,
and rest completely in the warmth of my love.

I want to earn your whole heart's trust.
Until the world has turned to dust.

I want to lift your heart to God,
and be a mirror of His heart's dream of you.

I want my heart to be your truest home,
the place you come home to, no matter how far you roam.

I want to shelter you from fears,
and kiss away all your tears.

I want to be, by grace alone,
the one your heart calls home.

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