Bitter Ground

I would have loved you forever, my heart turning never,
I would have been faithful to you, and always so true.

But I loved you in vain, and found nothing but pain.
I wonder if you did see, just what you meant to me?

I offered my love, and gave you my heart.
Would have gone to your side, never to part.

I'd have cherished each day, finding new ways to say
that I loved you forever, and a day.

But my love fell like seed on dry bitter ground,
each heartfelt word scattered carelessly around.

Even when watered by my tears,
it couldnt overcome your fears.

In the end I failed to touch you,
and so I left and lost you.

I had to admit that what I dreamed could not be,
and that you never truly had loved me.

The deepest of sorrows was mine to bear,
for you never responded to my loving care.

Copyright 6/16/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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