I can but dream - Copyright 1997 by Dan Sharpe.

I stand here in the middle of my life,
and wonder could you ever be my wife?

I found you, and you're the apple of my eye,
but has too much of my life passed me by?

How can I expect one so wonderful and sweet
to ever see in me anything neat?

Perhaps my dreams will never come to pass for me,
but I can always hope that someday they will for thee.

For when all is said and done, of all I have ever known,
you alone are the only one I seek, its you and you alone.

I have known the bitter end of chasing one who doesnt love Him,
and in moments spent with you have known the joy of sharing Him.

Oh to have a lifetime of that bliss that I have shared with you,
is it possible for my half over life to start anew?

I can but dream,
it would seem.

Copyright 5/4/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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