Fair lady Catherine Copyright 12/4/96 by Dan Sharpe.

Fair lady Catherine, sweet and demure,
who could escape from your chamring alure.

Each snowball you send like a soft gentle kiss,
fills me with longing for a life of great bliss.

To be one together in Jesus our Lord,
walking together in the light of His word.

Taking each moment as His precious gift,
being together without any rift.

My heart swells with joy at the sight of your name,
and me deepest desires of love are aflame.

At the thought of the chance that we two could be one,
forsaking all others and together following the Son.

Your presence brings such joy and contentment to my days,
that my heart wells up with exuberant praise.

For the Father of mercies, in bountiful love,
has surely reach down with His hand from above.

And brought us together,
for always and forever.

Copyright 12/4/96 by Dan Sharpe.

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