Decay - Copyright 11/25/98 by Dan Sharpe.

Hopes, piled at my feet like ashes fallen to the ground,
dark dispair is looming where once bright hope was found.

Love once full of wonder now has turned to dust,
the tarnished metal of devotion has now begun to rust.

Joy that once promised to last till we'd grown old,
now turned into sorrow, eats my heart like painful mold.

Devotion once so sure and true, lies rotting at my feet,
dropped in the moment I learned I'd never be complete.

My dreams lie fallen, like the brittle autum leaves,
though dead, they're more beautiful, than the now barren tree.

I pick them up and crumble them in hands you'll never hold,
and commit each one to the winter wind so bitter, harsh, and cold.

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