Every now and then,
I think of what might have been,

and start to cry again,
for while you said "I love all men".

I said "its you I love alone,"
and longed to start our home.

A peacfull precious place,
full of laughter, love and grace.

But as I look back now, all I can see,
is that you never meant the words you said to me.

For when you said "I love you", "darling", or "dear"
how tragic that all you really felt was fear.

My heart's prayer is someday you'll have one loving, kind and true,
and the things I dreamed for us, come true for he and you.

The sharing of your baby's first gleefull squeels,
Loved, cheerful, children gathered round for family meals.

Two people arm in arm, heart to heart
who life's challenges could never part.

Loving more and more each day,
cuddling when they're old and grey.

Looking back over years of ever sweeter bliss,
as they share a golden aniversary kiss.

For even now, dear one, my heart still has love's embers,
unquenched by mournful tears, its darling it still remembers.

Though my dreams for us are dead and gone,
my heart's dreams for you live on and on.

Copyright 3/10/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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