As I walk through life there is an emptimess beside me.
I am ever aware that, that is the place where you should be.

I gave you up because I had to, not because I wanted to.
and so at night as I long to hold you, empty arms yearn to enfold you.

I wake up, and your not there, but then, I miss you everywhere.
I keep you ever in my prayers, and try not tell myself that life's not fair.

But if things were right in this dark world, if all was as it should be.
if all was as God had intended, perhaps you'd be here to walk with me.

But we all failed to keep His word, and all fell from His grace,
and so He sent His only son, to bleed and die in our place.

Its true that you don't walk beside me, that there is an emptiness,
but Jesus walks here with me daily to heal, and hold, and love, and bless.

So despite the empty place beside me, where I hoped you would always be,
I have peace, hope, and joy within me, because Jesus walks with me.

Copyright 3/15/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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