I'll evermore believe in you. 

Copyright 11/27/97 by Dan Sharpe.
To Holli - happy birthday sis.


I am thankful for you, you have a heart thats true,
and I'm thankful for your cherished friendship too.

I am thankful for the precious times you've spent with me,
I give thanks for each laugh thats filled my ears with glee.

And thanks for your shining smiles that fill my heart with cheer,
you see, it gets all warm and toasty whenever you are near.

I am thankful for your eyes filled with sparkling light,
like stars twinkling in the dark sky of my life's night.

So beautiful and rare, they shine with a light so pure,
so far away and unreachable, yet shining ever sure.

On this day of thanks, on which you celebrate your birth,
I celebrate you, honor you, and rejoice in your great worth.

When the years have passed, bringing countless changes too,
this one thing I know is true, I'll evermore believe in you.

Copyright 11/27/97-12/2/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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