I am an island, barren, and alone,
virgin and untouched, I am unknown.
Battered by careless winds and a creul sea,
I wait with longing for one to discover me.

I gaze at the stars that whirl above,
and long for the soft light of her love.
I look at the sun setting in the west,
and sigh for a love to share my best.

When will she come, so I can feed her,
shelter, love, and give her nurture.
My love like a forrest, fertile, and green,
cycles through life and death, unknown and unseen.

Bright hopes, like fruit, fall to the ground,
and rot and decay with no one around.
On the horizon I spot a ship passing by,
will this be the one I ask with a sigh?

I am an island - Copyright 1/29/98 by Dan Sharpe. - Back To The Index Of Poems.