I wonder - Copyright (C) 4/5/06 by Dan Sharpe.

(Memories of yesterday's child.)

I wonder where she went, the girl you used to be,
I wonder why she changed into what you came to be.

Why did life batter you into the bitter vengeful child I once did see,
and why were you taking it all out on me?

All I had ever been, was your loving friend,
with open arms until the bitter end.

I never did ask for anything but one chance to love you,
yet you thought, somehow, that I had wanted to shackle you.

That is just not, nor has it ever been true,
what a pity that its the fear that owned you.

I wanted to watch you soar,
till you came back to my arms once more.

I wanted to see you fly,
to reach out and touch the sky.

Thats why I reached down to lift you up,
and why I reached out, to build you up.

Someday, I hope, you will be,
all that God's dreamed you'll be.

Someday I hope I do get to see,
you shining your God breathed destiny.

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