I would be - Copyright 2/18/98 By Dan Sharpe.

I would have lived to make your dreams come true,
if only you had found it in your heart to let me.

Through all of lifes trials, I would have stood by you,
striving by your side to make a love filled family.

In lifes darkest hours, when you couldn't find home,
my heart's shining image of you in would light your way.

When pressures became too much and you felt the need to roam,
I would be there beside you, parters in the journey all the way.

In the cold winter days when you felt all alone,
my loving arms and faithful heart would keep you warm.

When the world around you was shaken and blown,
my love would shelter you from life's creulest storm.

All of this, and so much more, I would be,
if only you would let me.

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