My Heart's Dream

I love you with a heart so true,
and it longs to reach you.

I want to open my heart and show,
to make you see until you know.

We could be a family,
just you and me.

I'd love you with my heart and deeds,
and live to fill your wants and needs.

Like Jesus toward His blood bought bride,
no goodly thing would you be denied.

I'd give of myself to you my wife,
and love you more each day of my life.

We'd stand together side by side,
and I'd take you as my cherished bride.

We'd stand side by side in the face of strife,
and together we'd work to make a life.

Cold days would pass without notice,
when love warmed hearts would hold us.

Grey days would not cause dispair,
love's light would melt dreary air.

Our house would always be home,
for we'd never be alone.

The dream of my heart is true,
and I long to share it with you.

Copyright 5/24/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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