Nothing But A Prayer

I wake at night and reach for you, but you were never there,
and so until sleep returns again, my heart whispers its prayer.

I walk alone and watch a couple walking hand in hand,
and deep within me longing rises up for what I never had.

I see a child explore lifes awesome splendor in boundless glee,
and my heart remembers that it once held a hope for a family.

I watch some friends struggle together against the challenges of life,
and remember the dreams that I once had of us as man and wife.

There is an emptiness beside me, because you were never there,
but the image of you I've always had lives on within my prayer.

Someday I'll have the things I've hoped and dreamed with someone new,
but the prayer of my heart will always be that you will have them too.

Sometime, someplace, somehow, I hope that we will meet,
and find on that day that both our lives truly are complete.

I cherish in tears the moments when I could be there for you,
they are sweeter to me than any of the things we never got to do.

For in those moments I was able to truly love you dear,
for the treasure of love is that it will always overcome fear.

I thank my God that in your lifes darkest hours, I could be the one,
who held your heart with words of love, until the rising sun.

Though I never held you in my arms, as I so longed to do,
when you needed me most, I thank God I was there for you.

Except my salvation, His gift I cherish above every other one,
were those hours I spent loving you when you needed someone.

True Love isn't measured by the brightness of its light,
but by the constant warmth it gives to sustain a life.

Passion subsides, and there is an end to the flame of desire,
but the gentle warmth of love, pure and true never will expire.

So even though I know that when I reach out for you, I will never find you there,
you will always be held in my heart of hearts, even if you're nothing but a prayer.

Copyright 3/17/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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