Rainy day girl.

Rainy day girl, you outshine the sun,
your gifts to my life are joy and fun.

I cherish our friendship with a warm loving smile,
even though I have known you but a very short while.

I wanted to tell you from my heart of hearts,
so you'll always remember even if we're apart.

That you bless me each day dear sister and friend.
and I hope that we go on sharing, days without end,

For life's made of moments, of love or of pain,
and time spent with family is never in vain.

Its a precious treasure worth far more than gold,
something to cherish when we have all gotten old.

Moments of love and of friendship live on and on,
warming our gray days even when friends are gone.

I treasure you sister, and wanted to say so,
so you'd always remember with a soft warm glow.

For Holli.

Copyright 4/15/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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