These Shoes - Copyright 3/29/98 by Dan Sharpe.

These shoes were shiny and brand new,
the day that I was supposed to meet with you.

You never came, I waited in anticipation,
to meet the one I loved, with such devotion.

The hours passed, as I waited alone for you,
and the day that started so bright turned to blue.

You passed up a chance for true happiness,
and my heart fell into dark lonliness.

I loved you more than words could say,
and wrote you poems and sang to you everyday.

You were loved, cherrished, and believed in,
but you played a game, akin to treason.

You played with my heart, like a childs toy,
and lost out on love and a lifetime of joy.

I, like a fool, continued to care,
but you were a vapor, nothing but air.

I never held you, never caressed,
you were not real, maybe its best.

Had I met you that day I am certain,
I would have wound up alone and hurting.

These shoes that two years ago were shiny and new,
are now worn and scuffed - like my heart after you.

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