Dear Sisters - Copyright 7/24/96 by Dan Sharpe.

My sister you are a alter alit
with the glory of the Lords light.

Your sweetness, grace, and joy,
shone through the darkness of my night.

Ringing true that, that which is wrought in you,
is a rare treasure glorious, and eternal.

True beauty of a heart toward God,
not fleshly, empty and carnal.

The steady, unfading light of a commited life,
calling to my mind the true love I someday hope to find.

As I walk out of my days of tears, I will ever
cherish the steady glow that kept me from being bind.

Your character and godliness are an alter of remembrance,
high up on the hill they anchored me in my wanderings.

And brought me to the realizaton that the path I had
wandered on led to nothing but aimless meanderings.

So thank you dear sisters, for the life for Christ you live.
In my hour of need its testimony was the greatest gift you could give.

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