Someday, someday

Someday I'll take your hand in mine,
as we share a life and love divine.

Someday I'll gently caresss your cheek,
softly kiss your lips and our foreheads will meet.

Someday we'll share a love thats true,
one that will live both in me and in you.

Someday we'll stand before God and man,
and my heart will soar as I take your hand.

Someday we'll live as one and not two,
as we share a life thats been made new.

Someday we'll hold our first born's tiny hands,
and see the firstfruits of what our love began.

Someday we'll minister side by side,
myself and my cherished sister / bride.

Someday we'll grow old together,
as we look forward to forever.


Copyright 4/21/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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