Apple of my Eye.

Someday I'll have someone to love,
someday there'll be someone to hold.

We'll share life together, like two doves,
and my longing arms will have one to hold.

My gentle caress, and smiling eyes will serve to say,
I love you my dear one, and show it in every way.

Someday I'll brush the hair from your eyes,
and whisper I love you in sweetly soft sighs.

I'll lift up your hands, or your chin when you're down,
and my love and afffection you'll wear like a crown.

In my heart Jesus reigns supreme,
but you'll always be its queen.

The things that make life wonderful, and love pure and true,
are the things that my heart longs so much to share with you.

Fortune, fame, and success can never reach the measure
of the joy when a love shared becomes our life's treasure.

And a dry crust of bread eaten in a house full of love,
is a most sumptuous banquet catered by God above.

But a feast eaten in sorrow and strife can't help but be,
sweet tasting mouthfulls of lonely pain, empty grief, agony.

In life the most wonderful of all possible things
are the simple expressions an honest love brings.

A caress, a smile, a wink, or a sigh,
all say "I love you, apple of my eye".

Copyright 4/7/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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