My Lonely Tears

Lonely tears fall from eyes devoid of hope,
as dispair chokes at my throat like a hangman's rope.

Your love is a shattered dream,
never to be, so it would seem.

In my agony of soul I smile,
as I remember you for a while.

I loved you deeply from my heart,
with great devotion from the very start.

Now lone, single tears fall into thin air,
like me, they have no one to share their dispair.

I long for you even now, life will go on somehow,
but I will always remember what could have been.

If only you had been caught up by my dreams for us,
they could have carried us both to a place of love.

Life could have been so special for us,
we could have shone with light and love from above.

Now all thats left are singular tears,
no longer even accompanied by fears.

They fall into nothing and vanish from sight,
each crying "I loved you with all of my might".

Copyright 7/13/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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