The wind within my heart.

I am like a sail without a breeze,
uninspired, drooping, lifeless and empty.

My heart once lept and sang,
in it your praises rang.

But I dreamed again in vain,
and I do not blame you for this pain.

I would rather dream, love, and hope,
than to wither inside and sourly mope.

So I take the dreams I once had for us two,
and dream them all over again for just you.

And I cherish the moments spent with you as a friend,
and pray above all else that they shall never end.

As I do, the lonely sail fills anew,
and springs back to life with its dream for you.

It's new hope carries me forward again,
all because I can still call you friend.

Thank you for being in my life,
someday you will make someone an awesome wife.

May the wind that fills my heart carry you,
as a prayer that lasts your whole life through.

Each loving thought a gentle caress,
as each fond memory brings me happiness.

You truly have made me blessed,
and I long for you that which is best.

I cherish each moment, each special time,
the joys that came with them will always be mine.

I know that someday our two lives will part,
but I will carry you always as the wind within my heart.

Copyright 5/6/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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