Untamed - Copyright 6/15/98 by Dan Sharpe.

I love you with a flame undying,
not put out by months of crying.

It consumes me like a raging fire.
you alone are my desire.

Passion swells and fills my heart,
sorrow makes me fall apart.

Dreams all have your face and name,
love for others just is not the same.

I say I love them, but my heart crys "its a lie",
only you are the apple of my eye.

I am lost in a sea of unclaimed love,
adrift in an ocean of untamed passion.

There is nothing that I can do,
save me from my love for you.

Reach out and take me by the hand,
take me home to solid land.

The forces of my nature are out of hand,
and can only be contained by a wedding band.

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