My Portrait of you - Copyright 3/20/98 by Dan Sharpe.

I hold a vision of you in my heart,
it is my heart's treasure, a fine work of art.

Painted on a canvas of hope, as pure as a dove,
with brush strokes of unconditional Love.

In vibrant colors that I alone can see,
this portrait of you shines on in me.

A picture of truth and beauty,
entitled "I believe in you".

In your darkest days it warmed and sustained you,
and in my darkest nights it remains all I cling to.

You shine in my heart, and will forever,
as a dearly cherished earthly treasure.

A work of God in vibrant motion,
with potential as deep as the boundless ocean.

You are His Masterpiece of living Word,
a symphony of life that my lonely heart heard.

You are His beauty, a song in His heart
and my heart beats in harmony to the Master's art.

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