You Bless Me.

I'm proud of you because you stood
beside a friend and brought her good.

It makes me smile to think that you
did all that you could think and do.

You helped her heal and showed you feel,
a love thats true when she was blue.

I'm very proud to call you sis,
and felt the need to up and say this.

A friend is not measured by the times that are good,
but by each time of sorrow when alongside they stood.

A friendship is not a stroll in the park,
but is who stood by you when things were dark.

You stood by our sister when her life was a mess,
and held her together, and loved, and blessed.

The rarest of treasures I see in you,
a friend who is kind, loveing, and true.

So I wrote you this poem as a token or trophey
its not much, but says, my sister you bless me.

For Holli.

Copyright 4/28/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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