Holli You Shine.

I would just like to say that in my life you shine like a light,
thoughts of you warm my day, and your friendship brightens each night.

A smile, a laugh, a song of sweet praise,
with all of these things you bring joy to my days.

I cherish your friendship, which makes me so glad,
and my heart sinks whenever I know that youre sad.

And the thought of somone hurting you makes me so mad,
as far as I'm concerend you're the best friend they could've had.

I might sound like a record thats broken,
but these words are merely a token,

of the affection and respect that I hold in my heart,
for you my friend and I guess that this is at least a start.

You bless me so much, and the lives that I see you touch,
all serve as a witness of your special love and kindness.

I could go on for hours, and just might some day,
but then again I dont have to write it all today.

Copyright 5/2/97 by Dan Sharpe.

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