Jesus, speaking of the day (or time) after he was resurrected (in other words... today)
said we would no longer ask him anything.
But that we would ask the Father directly, in his name.

The reason for this is that the Father wants to have a personal relationship with us.

We are at peace with, and have rightstanding with, God the Father.
And we have that relationship, that peace, and that rightstanding with the Father
in the Son, that is to say, in his name.

We can come boldly to the Father, knowing that He will give us whatever we ask,
that our joy would be complete. Since we mourned when Jesus was taken from us,
but that mourning turned to joy after his resurrection, our joy would be complete
because in Jesus all things which were broken in our relationship with God,
because of sin, would be restored in that day (today).

Imagine Jesus even went out of his way to say that he was not saying that he would
ask for us, but that we were to ask ourselves in his Name. Because the Father himself
(ie PERSONALLY) loves us, He will give us anything we ask.

So, we see that the proper way to pray is to the Father in the name of the Son.
And that today, we are not to ask the Son anything, but to come to the Father in prayer
as His children in the Name of our big brother, Jesus.

Since He wants to have that Father / child relationship with each of us personally
we also know that we need not pray to anyone else as an "Intercessor".
The Father chose to have the personal one to one prayer relationship not us!
So in praying to Him, person to person, in Jesus name, we are being obedient!


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